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Celebrating 2019 and promise for the new decade

At MotoVantage it is time for us to reflect. We’re looking at what’s in our rear-view mirror and what the road ahead is looking like. Join us in reflecting on the smooth roads and speedbumps of 2019, as we drive onwards towards a promising 2020.


Looking in Our Rear-View Mirror

The MotoVantage Victories

At MotoVantage, in the context of frenetic economic and political times, we prioritised our “why” – the very essence of why we do what we do. At our core, we are a one-stop-shop for motor-related, value-added products and services. We knew that if we were able to continue to fulfil our mission statement while remaining a choice employer, we were right on track. Today, we celebrate the following victories:

  • We welcomed 137 people to our family of 400 employees, adding to our collective experience of over 30 years.
  • Our Graduate Program provided a vehicle for personal and professional growth for 3 new employees.
  • We added another Streamline Mobile Repair unit: A convenience-first solution in an age where convenience makes all the difference. This service brings Scratch and Dent repairs right to our customers’ homes or offices. Our team of accredited technicians arrive on-site with a mobile repair unit, making sure that quick fixes are just that – quick, easy and convenient. With this service, help is literally a call away.
  • We Launched BMW Scratch and Dent Cover: This year we streamlined our services to offer more value. Our BMW-owning clients can now ensure that cosmetic care and repairs do not need to become a financial burden. This cover pays for the repair of minor damage caused by everyday driving, ensuing that our customers’ prized possessions always look as good as new.
  • We Launched MBFS Scratch and Dent Cover: Our customers who own Mercedes-Benz vehicles can now rest assured that when loose stones, tar and flying debris do damage to their cars, our trained professionals are ready to assist. Minor chips, scratches and dents are no match for our MBFS Scratch and Dent Cover.

Looking at the Road Ahead

2020 – we’re ready for you. We’re ready to be a part of our country’s economic growth as we face the future with pride and optimism. And we’ve done our fair share of planning. Our product development team has analysed new market trends as well as the growing needs of our customers so that we can ensure that we keep providing innovative motoring solutions to your problems. Here’s what you can look forward to in 2020:

  • Consistently Above-Par Performance: We don’t believe in doing business in stops and starts. We believe in consistency. And that philosophy has always set us apart in the marketplace. In 2020, we will continue to prove that we are indeed the leading one-stop shop for motor-related, value-added products and services. Simple. And that deeply ingrained mission, translates into consistent value for our clients.
  • New Partners: We’ve partnered with new industry stakeholders to introduce a new product to our portfolio. You can look forward to our new Tyre and Rim Cover product, which will cover the replacement or repair of the most important part of your vehicle – your tyres. It will also cover the replacement or repair of your rims, if they become damaged in the event of an incident on the road. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • New Warranty Products: Our new partnerships have enabled us to introduce new warranty products into our stable. We’ve thought of ways in which we can make our motoring journey safer, more affordable and more reliable. Watch this space – exciting new developments are on the horizon.

Thank You

As we prepare to enter the last few weeks of 2019, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the individuals who have played such a key role in our ongoing growth and success as the MotoVantage brand. From our leadership team and employees, to the clients who continue to show loyalty and unwavering support, we thank you sincerely. “We are, because you are”.

Our journey to becoming a leader in our industry has been paved by all of you. You are all our cornerstones, and we endeavour to continue to uphold strong values in our dealings with you.

2019 has had its fair share of challenges. And we believe that 2020 will bring with it its fair share of opportunities. To that, we say: “in 2020, let us be better together.” See you all in the new year!