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We’ve been reflecting on what Heritage Day means to us as a company and how far we’ve come as a brand.


  • 401 employees with institutional experience of over 30 years.
  • Just on a million valuable customers.
  • An unmatched suite of value-added motor-related products.
  • Hundreds of testimonials from customers who believe in what we do and who we are.


As a brand we’re built on a heritage of innovation, collaboration and consistency. This heritage began in November 2015, with the venture between the FirstRand Group and the Hollard Group. These corporate giants shared a common vision – to provide the South African motor industry with a one-stop destination for value-added, car insurance products and services.

In realising the shared vision, MotoVantage acquired specialist Underwriting Management Agencies, Motorite and SMART, both of which are industry leaders in their respective specialist fields. In addition, MotoVantage’s unique value proposition is augmented by the fact that we own a national mobile repair fleet that operates under the Streamline brand.

As the largest independent provider of vehicle value-added products and services in Southern Africa, Motorite offers mechanical breakdown insurance products as well as full maintenance and service plans. SMART covers the repair of minor dents, chips and scratches, helping car owners to maintain their vehicles in showroom condition. We also offer products designed to protect the financial interests of our clients through our comprehensive range of Credit Life, Credit Shortfall, Deposit Protector and Tyre & Rim products.

The establishment of MotoVantage also saw the acquisition of industry-leading telesales capabilities via The Engine Room, a call centre specialising in the sale of all MotoVantage products. The MotoVantage suite of products includes Mechanical Warranties, Service and Maintenance Plans, Vehicle Scratch and Dent Cover, Tyre Cover, Deposit Cover, Credit Life and Shortfall Cover.

We’ve turned our heritage into a brand legacy that underpins everything we do. Allow us to tell you how we have achieved this


Our Heritage is Built on Partnership


We know how much your car means to you. We know that it’s not just about transport. It’s about safety, convenience and practicality. Your need is our need. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to business.

We invest considerable time and resources into engaging with financial institutions, dealer groups and other industry bodies to keep abreast of the latest market developments. We take the lead from international best practices and trends, and our collective expertise and passion for problem-solving, has driven us to become an industry leader. We also listen to you in developing products that are tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Take our Mechanical Warranty for example, which provides protection against the cost of parts and labour following mechanical or electrical failures, after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

We’ve partnered with a range of approved suppliers and qualified technicians to ensure that your repairs are done professionally and timeously. We also partner with you, our customers to assess your needs according to the vehicle you drive and how much time you spend on the road. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Our services are tailored to what you need and your lifestyle.

Does our Mechanical Warranty sound like something you need? Contact us by filling out this form or calling 087 312 1784. Let’s talk about how we can fool proof your motoring future.


Our Heritage Reflects a Sense of Responsibility


Our customers belong to different age groups, live in different regions and come from all walks of life. They are customers, motor dealers and motor manufacturers. The one common denominator is that they all share a sense of responsibility. Our customers care about their future and the future of their vehicles and they think and act responsibly. The biggest benefit of having this kind of mindset, is that it brings peace of mind on the road. And that’s a need we are equally passionate about.

Think about our Scratch and Dent Cover. It’s cover that pays for the repair of minor damage to your vehicle caused by everyday driving, allowing you to maintain your car in a condition that’s as good as new. In the long-term, taking this cover means that your car’s resale value will remain high, and that you can derive as much value from it as possible.

This cover will also ensure that you don’t have to claim from your comprehensive insurance to repair small dents and aesthetic damage. This means that your no-claim bonus will remain intact and your monthly premium will not be adversely impacted. It’s all part of being financially responsible.

What’s more is that you can claim as often as you need to, and all repairs are guaranteed for 3 years.

If Scratch and Dent Cover is something you’d like to invest in, simply contact us by filling out this form or calling 087 312 1784. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.


Our Heritage is Driven by Innovation


We live in a world that is in a constant state of evolution. It’s a fast-paced world where our customers’ needs are always changing. That’s why we prioritise innovation – we’re always thinking of ways in which we can perform better as a company and meet the growing needs of our clients in a way that saves time and offers good value for money.

We offer Mobile Scratch and Dent Repairs. This service brings affordable convenience to you – literally. A highly trained and qualified technician will be sent to you at a place and time that is convenient to you. The technician will then repair any scratches or dents on the spot. Say goodbye to having to compare quotes from panel beaters and take time off work to accommodate their availability. Simply give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

By providing this innovative service, we’ve changed the way our customers think about maintaining their vehicles. And we’ve ensured that time – their most valuable resource, doesn’t get taken up by repairs like stone chips, bumper scuffs and minor scratches.

If you don’t have our Scratch and Dent Repair Cover yet, get it today by contacting us via this form or calling 087 312 1784.


Our Heritage is One of Consistency


We believe that in a competitive industry, there is one value that separates companies that do not manage to build long-lasting customer relationships and those that last for the long haul. That value is consistency. Since our inception, we have strived to provide consistently high levels of service and great value for money solutions while at the same time, finding new ways to meet the changing needs of our customer base.

Our product development team has built a strong business on expecting the unexpected and predicting and unpredictable. We anticipate what our customers may need in the future and think of innovative ways to meet those needs in a way that is consistent.

Our Tyre Cover for example, is one way in which our consistent innovation makes sure that our customers can avoid unnecessary expenses. Tyre care is often overlooked in favour of greater concerns like mechanical and electrical repairs, but they are an integral part of road safety.

Our tyre cover covers damage caused by road hazards such as potholes and debris on the surface of the road. If your damaged tyre cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a new one. Unlike other insurers, we do not penalise our customers for the use of tread on their tyres.

If adding another level of assurance to your motoring experience is what you need, then Tyre Cover might be the solution. Contact us by filling out this form or calling 087 312 1784. We offer free and helpful advice so you can make an informed decision.


Our Heritage Speaks to Our Belief in the Bigger Picture


When our founders set out to build a one-stop shop for value-added motor insurance products and services, they cast their net wide in terms of looking at the market from all angles. Today, MotoVantage enjoys complete national representation. Our dynamic salesforce of over 36 fully FAIS-accredited and RE-qualified frontline sales representatives operates in all 9 provinces and is managed by a talented and goal-driven team.

Our range of products and services take into account everything a car owner, motor dealer and manufacturer will need to feel secure that their asset is well-protected. We’ve made sure that the basics are taken care of, but we also see the bigger picture and take it a step further.

We’re talking about financial cover in the form of Credit Life Cover, Deposit Protection and Shortfall Cover. Credit Life Cover will cover the monthly instalments under your credit agreement in the unfortunate event of your death, a dread disease, retrenchment or disability. It’s the best way you can make sure that you and family have peace of mind.

We offer a Deposit Protector that will pay out the deposit that was paid when purchasing your vehicle in the event that your vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered. If you have Shortfall Cover, we will pay the difference between your comprehensive insurance and the outstanding balance you owe to your finance house in the event that your car is written off or stolen. These cutting-edge innovations make sure that you’re never out of pocket.

Financial cover is a phone call or click away. To find out more, simply fill out this form or call 087 312 1784. We’re standing by to assist you.


Thank You


As we take the time to celebrate our heritage, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to make sure that your vehicle remains in top shape by allowing MotoVantage to help you take care of it. It’s one less thing to worry about.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our existing customers for their ongoing support. Here’s to another year of creating remarkable products and services and bringing peace of mind to South African motorists. Happy Heritage Day!